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    The 2016 experiment of combining 1st and 2nd Grade Camp with Family Camp and a new program call Grand Camp was successful and the format will continue in 2017. The dates are July 5th through July 7th, 2017.
    Most activities will be designed to allow children and adults to play and learn together. There will be separate breakout times when young campers will be with the Beaver Creek staff and the adults will be involved in "more grown-up" activities.
    1st & 2nd Grade Camp - Campers MUST BE AT LEAST 6 YEARS OLD - $75
    Family Camp - Campers may be any age but at least 6 years old and 9 or less is recommended. Price for 1 camper and a parent/guardian - $100. Each additional family member - $50.
Grand Camp - Camper (ages as recommended for Family Camp) and 1 Grandparent - $100. Each additional - $50.

    1st & 2nd Grade/Family/Grand Camp will be held July 5-7, 2017.
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